ACRE, ISRAEL – Gavan Technologies, Ltd., a food technology startup, has launched FaTrix, which serves as an alternative to butter and other fats found in a variety of baked foods. The patented, plant-based fat-protein matrix replicates the functionality of animal fat and reduces saturated fat levels by up to 80%, according to the Acre-based company.

The extracted protein acts as a base upon which plant oil and water are bound to create a protein-enriched texturized fat. In pilot trials FaTrix successfully replaced butter in a brioche.

“The composition of oil, water and protein in FaTrix delivers superior binding and cooking abilities, making it an ideal and convenient solution for food formulators,” said Uri Jeremias, a restaurant owner and co-founder of Gavan Technologies. “FaTrix boasts a high melting point and fat-holding capacity, preventing it from leaching during processing or heating. These properties are crucial to maintaining the succulence and tenderness of the final product. Moreover, it acts as a carrier for flavors, vitamins, and beneficial omega-3.”

The platform works with many types of plant oils, including olive, sunflower and canola, said Itai Cohen, Gavan co-founder and chief executive officer.

“Some products require 50/50 fat-to-water ratio,” he said. “Others demand firmer fat integration. We can customize FaTrix to meet any range.”